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20 days of Elite: Dangerous

On the 24th I bought my copy of Elite: Dangerous for about $20 in the Steam Winter sale. I've taken a lot of screenshots so here's what I think and what I've done, I guess. This isn't my usual sort of post, and there'll probably be plenty of pictures.

Enigma Expedition, Part 1

In the last Elite: Dangerous post I mentioned I was going to be participating in the Enigma Expedition. It's currently day 6, my Dolphin is landed in the Lagoon Nebula near Thor's Eye, and here's some more pretty pictures and videos.

Enigma Expedition, Part 2

The 13th meetup of the enigma expedition was on the 30th local time, and I missed both of them, and considering recent events, now seems like a good time to do some writing.

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