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Feed-specific “browsers” with QuiteRSS

I use RSS a lot. Generally speaking, RSS is my preferred method of consuming news and media. This includes YouTube, which I then play with mpv, though by default that isn’t very convenient.

I use QuiteRSS as my RSS reader, both because I like its UI and because it also runs on Haiku. However, it does not have any provision for setting a specific browser for each feed, so I can’t tell it to open my YouTube feeds with mpv but everything else with Firefox. As such, I had to improvise.

Enter sitewb.lua

sitewb.lua is a short script to open defined web browsers for specific domains. There are probably better scripts, but this one is mine. What it does right now is, for each argument, check the domain with a fun Lua pattern:


If the domain matches any defined patterns, presently and, it will open with the command defined for that pattern, in that case, mpv. Otherwise, it opens Firefox.

Alright, that’s it, just wanted to note how I did this, probably for myself in the future. Note: I’m pretty sure you could do this with exo-open but I’m not aware how so I did it the way I knew would work.

By Izaya
2019-02-09 13:28 +1100

Tags: tech software rss


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