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Prehistoric webms

I’ve been collecting videos of old computer stuff for a while, and I converted a few to webm and thought I might share them:

Tektronix 4012

The Tektronix 4012 was a vector graphics terminal from the ‘70s. This particular model has a lower case character set. I found the video on either 4chan or lainchan, and it seems to be a series of demos set to music from Tron Legacy.

Computer Chronicles: BeBox and BeOS (1996)

Back when the future looked bright for personal computing, when there was variation and innovation, Be Inc created the BeBox, a dual-processor PowerPC 603e machine, and an OS for it - BeOS. Here’s a demo from Computer Chronicles of both.

The dream of an OS designed for personal computing lives on, though - Haiku is getting closer and closer to Beta 1.

The UNIX System: Making Computers Easier to Use (1982)

Yes, you read that right. This video actually does a pretty good job of explaining why the *nix command line is excellent and not just something they left in modern unix-likes for compatibility.

By Izaya
2018/01/18 09:10 +1100

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