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Vosonic X’S-Drive Pro VP-300

I end up with a lot of weird electronics, and today was no exception: A Vosonic X’S-Drive Pro VP-300 has come into my posession. As to what exactly it is and what you’re meant to use it for, I’m not entirely sure.

Some features, according to the manual:

Note the part about ‘2.5" hard drive’. This thing uses a 2.5" IDE hard drive, and mine came with a 30GB Fujitsu MHT2030AT, however, a pin was bent and rather than try to fix the bent pin, I put in a 60GB hard drive I had kicking around to replace it. The specifications say that it supports “Unlimited” hard disk capacity, but as it only supports FAT32 and no long file names, I doubt it could actually handle anything over 32GB.

For anyone interested, here’s how it shows up in lsusb:

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0d7d:1270 Phison Electronics Corp. Wolverine SixPac 6000

So, does it do what it says on the tin? From my testing, it:

I haven’t yet tested the card reader, mainly for lack of SD cards, and as such haven’t tested copying between the internal HDD and external storage, but I guess it should work?

Oh, and the manual explicitly states that it doesn’t support NTFS, HFS(+) or ext2. However, it is confirmed to work with kernel 2.4 and newer, including accessing the FAT32 volumes.

Of course, you can just format the first 32GB as FAT32 and use the rest as ext or btrfs or zfs or NTFS or XFS or whatever else you feel like using, and it will still look at the FAT32 volume happily, and if you use a modern FS Windows won’t even see the second volume when you plug it in, which could be useful. That said, my T420 hung on boot with the device plugged in, so I don’t know that it would work as a boot device.

Useful? Not really. Convenient? It’s a bit big for that. Pretty cool for 2003? Definitely.
It’ll be nice for carrying data around though, considering I’m too cheap to buy a decent flash drive and MTP is total trash.

By Izaya
2017/11/11 20:40 +1100

Tags: tech hardware

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