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SKS Mumble

This page will walk you through installing it on Windows, and connecting to the server.

Installing mumble

  1. Go to Scroll down and download the appropriate version for your system. I’d suggest the development snapshot. Select the relevant version for your OS.
  2. Run the installer. The way you do this will vary depending on your choice of browser. This is in firefox.
  3. You don’t need the server. I handle the server.
  4. Tell it to install, wait for it to, then hit Finish. Unless you don't want it to, I guess.

Configuring mumble

  1. The audio configuration will appear. You’ll need to choose the correct device for yourself, but the default devices should be fine.
  2. You’ll want to enable positional audio and Attenuate applications while other users talk.
  3. Follow the instructions for Device tuning and Volume tuning.
  4. Set up push-to-talk with a convenient key. I’d suggest using extra mouse buttons, macro keys, or the numpad enter key. People not using push-to-talk will be banned with extreme prejudice for refusing to be a decent human being.
  5. Set the quality settings to High (unless you know you can’t handle the bandwidth for it) and and turn text-to-speech notifications off. The server restricts bandwidth to 64Kbps
  6. One hopes you’re using headphones, so for positional audio, check the Use headphones box if you are.
  7. Choose whether to send statistics to the Mumble project or not, then hit Finish.


You should now see the Certificate Management wizard. I presume you don’t care too much, so select Automatic certificate creation and then hit Next, and Finish.


Now you’ll need to add servers.

  1. Select Add New… from the Mumble Server Connect window.
  2. Enter a username. Not that one.
  3. Fill in the server info as shown below.
  4. Now hit Connect from the Mumble Server Connect window.
  5. Congratulations, you’re now connected to Mumble, and hopefully less of a brainlet.


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